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Action by: Melissa Hellwig

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I'm not 100% sure - it would depend on the project or person in mind. I had a phrase in mind "finder-founder-funder" which means I am * interested in finding people to work with, * founding organizations or helping others found organizations, * & funding those or other projects which fit within 5 key areas of my professional & personal interests ; 1) environmental sustainability, sustainable interiors, eco-therapy, nature art & climate psychology 2) community activation, purpose & potential acceleration for neighbourhoods 3) rites of passage, women's mysteries & healing circles 4) food growing, vegetable tourism, local foraging networks 5) mindfulness/yoga, inner spirituality work. I admit I am a little confused with how Chooks has been morphing. I supported the original Collab4good for each of the 4 founders & had always hoped to have a little time to chat with each about potential ideas. My delay & their successes meant this is now ancient history. Then there were incubators, hen houses, clutches, coops & co-ops. There were SheO's & awards & moving locations and now I'm not really sure how I fit in. So I can't really say what my actions might be. But, am happy to pay to support and also pay to spend some time 1-on-1 to understand what has been evolving.... Oh ! Lastly, I've been trying lately to push people/groups/orgs to create life membership schemse. I would prefer to make a big one-off support and not have to be reminded about renewing memberships - or having them lapse, forget when I've renewed, etc. I'm a member of many things. If you could make this happen, you'd get a significantly greater influx of funds.

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