News from the coop

When mothers thrive, the whole community thrives

Patriarchy has messed up a lot of human experiences, including motherhood.  Recently I have had conversations with friends and colleagues who feel undervalued and unseen since returning to paid work. Most are women, and most have returned part-time. They sense,

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The Coop as a Business Model

Did you know that women had the vote as a member of a cooperative, long before they could vote in public elections? Coops have always had fairness and gender justice baked into them which is why they are popular models

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women sitting on step

ReNest – Journey to a Patriarchy Free Future

The Hen House Co-op is an Australian association that empowers female entrepreneurs and with that educates them to use their power in a world of patriarchy. “When the Hen House was about two years old, we really started getting serious

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Annual Report to the members

It was a fabulous evening at Sparkke celebrating a big year of giving a cluck! Chief Chook Moira Were AM, presented an Impact Report, Treasurer Natalia Sard presented the financials, we had a membership report from Leesa Chesser and said

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AusIndo Gender Consortium zoom meeting

Gender Consortium

We closed out #globalentrepreneurshipweek with an online connection through our project and partnership with the Gender Consortium at Flinders University. Supported by the #AusIndonesiaInstitute and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade we brought together female founders, entrepreneurs, female leaders

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It is 2021. We are living in the time of a global pandemic, a climate emergency, a time when the veil has dropped on misogyny, where decolonisation has begun and racial justice is being called for. Equity. Inclusion. Love.Wisdom. Collaboration.

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Broken Systems Don’t Self-Correct

When a system is broken, it doesn’t self correct. Rather it tends to continue to accentuate the ‘break’ and embed it further into its operations as ‘the way things are done around here’. Having started my academic career in Human

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