Henhouse Coop welcomes the opportunity to get out in the media and have amazing conversations with interested people and spread the word about closing the gender investment gap. If you’d like to chat to one of our Board members, you can contact us.

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Moira Were AM



Join Moira Were as she shares her extensive and practical advice on how we can evolve, shift or reshape, the systems that no longer serve us in “Shifting The Systems Holding Inequality In Place” with Amelia Veale.

Leesa Chesser




Featured by Helga Svendsen, Leesa Chesser discusses “Mentoring and Advisory Boards does one Beget the Other”.

Moira Were AM



Join Moira Were as she discusses “From Brownies to the Board Room, what Moira Were can teach us about Gender on Boards” with Helga Svendsen.