In October 2020, the Hen House Co-op will elect our first board from the members, until then we have early adopters who helped build the Hen House with their time and resources.

The Interim Board

Moira Were

Moira Were AM

Founder and Co-op Chair

The Hen House is the next step in bringing together what I know works for women and for systems change making. In these times we need new ideas, new models and new ways of making an impact. I truly believe we need to “fem the future” and that will require a more equitable and just world.  The gender investment gap is real, the runway for women excluded from economic decisions is real and we are the people who can turn this around. The Hen House brings together community organising, economic modelling, social justice and business with women at the centre and coming together with like minded people to think this through and create something for our times is an exciting challenge.


Dorothy Belperio


Amy Orange



Andrew Ward

I am a co-operator and entrepreneur with a focus on “New Economy”. I have 20 years experience as a small business owner.My work combines Crowdfunding, Co-operative Development, Technology and Operational Improvements. I enjoy writing, consulting and providing insights. I’ve some experience as a public speaker.





Kate Simpson



Dr Eddie Blass

From an early age, growing up in central London, I became very familiar with the concept of privilege.  Indeed it was white, middle class, academic privilege that got me into Australia – a fact for which I am grateful.  Addressing the imbalance that privilege causes has been a driving motivator in my life, leading to my developing the Inventorium to support kids that school does not benefit, and supporting the Hen House for women who want to bring about change through new economic modelling, creating new futures, and challenging the investment gender gap.


Leesa Chesser

As a child In the early 1970’s Leesa went to show and tell to talk about a TV programme on Germaine Greer and gender equality and was laughed at, she knew something was wrong and change was needed. She has spent most of her life serving and helping organisations, governments and communities achieving better outcomes thorough positive change and reform as a community volunteer, student activist, political party official, State Minister and now as a company director with commercial enterprises and the not-for-profit sector. Better outcomes require women to included and heard at the decision making table and the Hen House Co-op is visibly influencing policies and procedures to close the gender investment gap in instructions, governments and corporations.